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March 30

More about me…..

I did a little interview for Reedsburg Area Medical Center’s newsletter, Embrace Health, which just came out. At the risk of appearing self-serving, I’ll share it below:

Spring 2015 RAMC Employee Spotlight: 

Molly Ries’ mother saw a midwife for all of her pregnancies. And as one of the oldest children in her family, Molly would often go with her mom to appointments and help measure her belly and listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

So from a young age, Molly decided that’s what she wanted to do with her life.

Now, as a certified nurse midwife at Reedsburg Area Medical Center (RAMC), Molly is a women’s health nurse who provides well-woman care, annual physicals and education and referrals for gynecological problems. Plus, she can take care of and deliver low-risk pregnancies.

“I was a labor and delivery nurse for 10 years before becoming a nurse midwife and I’ve always loved attending births,” Molly says. “I especially love seeing the awe in the face of first time dads as they hold their baby.”

In addition to delivering babies, the other aspect Molly enjoys about being a nurse midwife is her role’s emphasis on education. With her training in both pregnancy and women’s primary care, Molly is very interested in helping women with natural fertility management. She does this by teaching women how to optimize the fertility window through a deeper understanding of how the reproductive cycle works.

As a primary care provider, Molly is able to take extra time with her patients to discuss general health and wellness topics or to answer questions about a specific condition or procedure.

“Prevention is an important topic that I go over with my patients,” Molly says. “ I like to try and help women learn ways to prevent health problems before they start.”


While helping women start and expand their families is a large part of her job, family is also important to Molly outside of work. She and her husband have five children—with a sixth on the way—so keeping up with the kids’ activities keeps her busy. However, Molly does take time to sing in her church choir and escape for a while into a good romance novel.

To see the original article, or to read the rest of the Embrace Health Newsletter, go to http://ramchealth.com/media/195001/embracehealth_spring2015w.pdf