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July 20

Natural Family Planning Awareness Week

Any of you who has come to see me in order to discuss family planning knows that Natural Family Planning (NFP) is near and dear to my heart. I don’t get many takers, but I sure like to talk about it!

This picture made me laugh, because it totally describes the NFP experience.

NFP ad picture

Most people think that if you use NFP, you either get to have no sex, or a family like the Duggars. This is because today, forty years after the Rhythm Method became obsolete, people still equate NFP with Rhythm. In reality, it’s a simple but elegant way to learn about your body so that you can make informed decisions about how you want to manage your fertility.

( I would give a personal testimonial here, but I have six kids. I know how that looks. :-) I will just say that a) I like my husband a lot and b) none of our kids was a surprise).

It’s 98% effective, hormone-free, and helps to improve relationships. Enough said.

~Midwife Molly~

Here’s a local resource if you want more information:  www.wisconsinfertilitycare.com